-Weekend.  I have been having boring weekends.  At least this one I managed to clean the bathroom.  And fix the toilet!  I managed to be mildly productive in the making of my apt. livable (as in I won’t kill myself in the tripping over of stuff).

For some reason I really want to write like Bridget Jones does in her diary.  Tired maybe.  Mundane-brain.

Too much Olympics on TV.  Too much TV.

I have a book on the go but it’s taking so long to get through it I’m probably just going to take it back.  It’s about war, though, so really, what was I thinking.  I keep skipping the battle scenes.  I don’t mean to, my mind just doesn’t absorb them.  I’m reading along and I suddenly realize that I missed something and I go back a page or two and realize I just blanked over the whole of the action.  I don’t like battle scenes.  There are some cool historical details in there, though, and entered pretty seemlessly into the narrative, which makes it a relaxing read, they just aren’t enough to make me want to continue.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

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