We started the choreography for our dance last night. It was something we’d been working on already, two things, actually, glommed together into one, fast, mini-routine that is now a fraction of the finished piece. I like the theory behind the work, but my body didn’t appreciate the practice of it (e.g. it remained standing when everyone else was keeping up with the floor work). I’m sure I’ll get it, even the part where we fall to the floor in a half-split (I only realized that this is what the action was, and, in fact, something I have done before, later at home, when I tried it out on the carpet, and then lay down and had a little rest).

My favorite* part is the needle, which is supposed to look like this:

These are more along the lines of what Bonnie is good at, and which I am not. Note the flexibility, and the being-up-side-down-ness of it. I look more like this when I do it:

So I’m going to have to work on making it look non-awful.  For the record, I do point my toe when I execute it.  Also for the record, Bonnie will probably not let me call what I do a “needle” so I shall think of this dance move as “dippy bird”.

*When I say “favorite” I mean “Least Favorite”

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