Funny Story

I started knitting again in October. I then started buying knitting supplies, needles and etc. When I told my mum about this, she said not to buy any more needles! Because she had a box in the storage room I could have! I had mostly been buying the connected cable needles, anyway, and the box of knitting needles in the storage room pre-date this concept, as well as me. I don’t think I remember my mum knitting anything for so long as I’ve been around, but she did knit things before that. The big blue and green blanket that was in the TV room in the basement of the Port Alice house. Apparently, a hat for my dad. The box of knitting needles included three generations of supplies, from my great-grandma, my grandma, and my mum. When I was home at Xmas time, I felt that this box was something that I should now have. It is very satisfying, for example, using the double-pointed needles that my great-grandma used to knit socks.

However. When I was home at Xmas, my mum found out about a book called “The Friday Night Knitting Club”. She didn’t find out about it from me, but I had meant to mention it. I’d just forgotten about it. Anyway, I ordered it from the library for her (mostly to show off how I could hack into dad’s library account due to him having his library number and password attached to the computer monitor… no one seemed to have noticed this though). When she read it a little while after I left with all of the knitting needles, she was inspired to start knitting again, and had to get some of her equipment back from me to do it. Neither of us thought that she would knit again so didn’t think twice about me taking everything with me.

When I was home this weekend me and mum watched all her TV shows and knitted. It was lovely and restful. She made dishcloths (because she needs dishcloths and I made her one at Xmas and she liked it) and I made the second fingerless mitt of a pair (I made it twice because I messed up on the first try). We watched a “Bones” and a “Mentalist” and a “Lie to Me” and some other stuff.

Funny Story #2

While we were watching a “Law and Order” franchise show on the Mystery Channel, Dad called up Shaw and cancelled it (like he was planning and had to do before the end of the day which was the last day of the month). The service stopped just as we were going to find out who-dunnit at the end of the show Note: cancelling digi-channels is very quick.

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