I was feeling crazy, restless and weird this morning. Well, from about 10:20 to 2. Then I ate hamburgers and now I feel better. I hoped that this was the case. However, in my craziness I forgot that two hamburgers is too many. One is enough! And then I suppose I could compliment it with some salad or vegetables.

I’m not sharing my NanoWrimo efforts publicly this year. I think I have in the past… I can’t remember. But I’m trying to be more real about what I’m writing (opposed to my usual fantasies) and don’t want the pressure/judgement of others reading it to cramp my style. It’ll be shared at a later point, no doubt.

I have plans to visit Julie B in Vancouver next week when I am there. Yaw! I have her link somewhere… Haw: here it is. It doesn’t actually show her if you look, but her essence is definately present.

I used the extra hour of the time change this morning to write… And check my face book and email and everything needed in preparation for writing. I have about zero discipline. I’m still trying to edit through my Nano from 2007, and have just forgotten/denied everything from my 05 and 06 attempts.

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