I just saw some amazing dance. I’ll try to find a link later. The show started with some experimental theatre so I was a bit scared, not liking, just for the sake of example here, where the performer enters the crowd and starts singing to people. After this number, though, there was a pretty stable fourth wall so I was comfortable enough. Although at one point, there was a dancer who was just too into her self: “At least look out to the crowd a little,” I thought to myself. Then along comes the next number and I have a woman ringing a bell and chatting to me in gobbledygook. Right to me. I guess I had it coming, and she didn’t need me to chat back or anything, but you know, me and audience participation are at odds, I suppose.

I met my friend Jane there. I know Jane from dance class and *her name is Jane*. Jane has already read the book I am reading and laughs when I am witty.

Tomorrow I work hard for money. With money I purchase pre-made hamburger patties and eat two, which is too many. Ergo, money makes me fat. However money also pays for my dance lessons, which make me trim, so I should stop complaining and go to bed so I am refreshed for work tomorrow. Only four days before a flex day. I will eat delicious meat sandwiches for lunch and remember to go to walking club on Wednesday.

Today in knitting I learned how to decrease, which is easy. I also learned how to increase, which has a trick.

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