I finally finished the book I didn’t really want to read. I ended up just wanting to know how it ended, the plot points keeping me going. The very book smelled like old lady, like someone had it resting with their clean laundry and they had used a fragrant fabric softener. The book was “Good to a Fault” by Marina Endicott. The picture of the author showed a soft-looking, vigilant, middle-aged teacher dressed up for a photo shoot. Arrrg. Or perhaps I hate her because she looks like a character from “Desperate Housewives” I found annoying, and doubly annoying because I haven’t watched DH for many years and can’t remember why I would hate her. This is the worst book review ever.

The next book I’m reading is about a male immigrant so far. Just as uninteresting, except for the “Metamorphosis” allusions, which are intriguing and vexing as I have read only 6 pages of that work. In the first person too, so I don’t get a break from the protagonist. Antagonist? He is antagonizing me, so we’ll see.

This was a vacation day for me and it has disappeared quickly. I found that doing errands all yesterday morning I still had errands today to complete. Plus laundry, plus the dishes. The dishes made me angry, as usual.

Good things today: I have bread baking and it smells good; I figured out how to manipulate string into a ribbed pattern.

Annoying thing: both my new pairs of spectacles are fit improperly so I have to find my way back to the glasses place to get them adjusted properly. Until then they slide off my face and dangle when I lean over to untie my shoes. Until then, of course, I wear contacts.

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