I still don’t like the book I’m reading very much but I’ve gotten into the rhythm of of it, and the non-excitement.

I was in a bad mood this morning because the dishes I was washing wouldn’t stack properly or well in the dish rack to dry. I hate the sound of falling, clattering dishes. I even only have only one or two dishes in the sink at a time so they don’t clank against one another. Vexsome noises!

There is new toner waiting for me at the post office (ordering it online was cheaper than anywheres in town, even with postage.) I will try to be more responsible with this one, maybe, to make it last longer? Perhaps I will initiate a cleaner, more simple design in my publications. ??

I attended two meetings this week at work. I usually attend zero, or at most one every other week. They were not painful, were not meant to be meetings where everyone reports on what they are working on, which I don’t like, because then I also have to report on what I am doing, which means talking out loud, and having people look at me.

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