Books of the weekend, by Lindsie.
I read two books this weekend. They were easy and entertaining. The first was “Life of Pi” which many people have read before me and have declaired “good”. I can’t argue with this, however, there were too many animals, or details of animals. Whatever. I also read “The Flying Troutmans” by Miriam Toews. Quite lovely, and made me, with my empathy-superpower, act flaky for a little while. Here is a quote as part of this review that will hopefully demonstrate my appreciation of the work: “Thebes said that if she was eighteen and old enough to drink she’d start a book club.”

I read these books while in the sun and now my skin smells sweet.

PS! Susan and I were walking downtown yesterday and overheard the following:

Old Lady: That’s a lovely jacket.

Hard Core Punk: Thank you, I made it myself.

Old Lady: Well it’s beautiful.

Hard Core Punk: Thank you.

Me and Susan (just passing by): Hehehehe! Awesome!

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