I thought I was going to stay in bed this morning and read, but instead I got up and took my bed apart to wash it. The laundry fee in the building is going up a whole shiny quarter per loadon Tuesday so I thought I’d get a token wash in to save money. I’m OK for the rise, however, as currently my ratio of quarters (of which I will now need three per load) to loonies (one per load) is in favour of the quarters.

Note: Vanilla Rice Milk is good in Earl Grey tea.

I also meant to have a light breakfast (guacamole or oatmeal) but instead I had:
5 perogies
3 bacons
2 eggs
5 cherry tomatoes
1 mug of Earl Grey tea with Vanilla Rice Milk

None of my plans for today are working out at all! Not to fret, however, as I will make up a new bed and rest in it later

Note 2: This week I was complimented twice on my use of the word “Fret”. As in “Don’t fret if I am late back from my break” and “Have you been fretting all day?”

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