I was in Duncan again this weekend. I have to stop doing this: I have things I should be doing here, instead. Next weekend I will probably stay put? Who knows. That’s so far away from now.

Mum and I visited a gallery in Cedar on Saturday. It was delightful and full of purchase-able trinkets, which I did do (purchase things). There was also a garden and I liked it all.

I also read my first Hermann Hesse this weekend. I think it went well. Not a big story, but written well, and about a painter with much description of that process, so that was handy and made me feel better. A little bit of a thinky book, less than emotional (despite the content) but I liked the thinky (i.e. I tried to stop reading it but then decided I would rather continue to enjoy more of the layers and such). It also wasn’t very long. It was “Rosshalde”.

I also cut beans for bean soup. Cutting beans for soup is different than cutting them for canning. They are cut on an angle, and at about half the length as for canning. This means that it takes a long time to cut them. I was rewarded, however, with a trip to Superstore (for pasta) and WalMart (for a new winter duvet and cover). I was also rewarded with bean soup, made by Mum.

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