This past Saturday was spent in Honeymoon Bay. It was the same, only with meat jerky. Also this is the first time I’ve ever had a bathing suit cover for pre-swim times.

I think my painting might be working now. Right now it’s called “I forgot that the blue was meant to remain pure.” Or “I forgot that the blue was meant to remain blue”. As I have painted over all of the blue.

Yesterday, which was Sunday, I woke up at 4am. As this is a stupid time to start the day I tried to sleep. Failing that, I tried to read myself back to sleep. Failing that I got up and had spaghetti dinner, as I was hungry. Then my day had to start, of course. I cleaned the bathroom, as it was getting to be 6 or 6:30 by this time. Then I waited around for 8am to come so I could do my laundry (the laundry room in my building doesn’t open until then). Then, laundry done around 10, I waited around some more for some particular stores to open so I could purchase manga. (I think I was watching Doctor Whos while I waited.) None of the stores had the manga I wanted. I bought groceries instead and came home and ordered manga with the help of Internet. I made pizza dough, and then pizza. I read this month’s Walrus. I waited around for the SYTYCD finale rerun to start (again: i missed the first rebroadcast) and then watched that (I missed the first hour on Thurs when it was originally on). I ate corn flakes. I watched The Simpsons. I realized I was feeling too smart or impatient to watch TV. I decided my day was going on waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I thought about doing Sudoku puzzles.

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