I hope it really is a day off today because I’m so not prepared to go anywhere. Except maybe dollar giant.

I mailed some letters yesterday and since it’s a long weekend and no pick up until Tuesday, I am imagining my letters all alone in the mailbox still, waiting.

The book I am reading now is “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson. All the reviews I have read of this book said it is good, and I concur.

I would like to note that this will be my first use of the word “concur” having only recently fully believed that it means “agree.” I first heard it used by Taylor at Camosun. He said “I concur,” and I was like “Oh good… Wait… does “concur” mean “agree?”” Apparently, it does.

I fixed my fan yesterday. At first I thought I could just “hammer” out the solution, but in the end I went to Home Hardware and purchased nuts. I fastened these the the screws in the base of the fan, and now my fan remains upright indefinitely. Opposed to before yesterday, where it would stand for a while and then decide to lie down.

P.s. My goddam awesome new phone isn’t connecting so I can’t goddam change my facebook status on it. This isn’t a problem as I am not actually anywhere away from my home computer, right? But I want it to work since yesterday I finally switched off my mum’s plan and have to pay for the GD thing on my own now. POOP in a HAT.

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