There are many options open to me of things to do today. I’m thinking of stopping by the Moss St. Market, but I don’t think I need anything there, so maybe not. I’m going to go to Ox. Foods to get some more soy milk, which is on sale this week. I’ve already bought a few. I am probably going to walk around my ‘hood with my camera, taking pictures.

What I’m not going to do is stay at home and mope, which was the majority of my day yesterday. The time has passed for this. There was also a lot of MJ death coverage going on on the TV yesterday, and that’s all gotten a little repetative and surreal now, so I’m going to try and not turn the TV on at all today. Unless I stop for a movie…

This is how I feel about Michael Jackson dying: sad and bewildered. Because why should I be sad for someone I didn’t even know except for media coverage and TV, and who hadn’t done anything interesting for about 15 years. That said, the conspiracy theories have started already so I have more things to ignore when flipping around the channels.

P.S. I find solace in crafting.

P.P.S. Nothing.

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