Lindsie’s Rules for Walking Down the Street.
1) Smile at passers by.
2) Do not talk to self.

I’m having trouble with the latter today. But I can’t help it if I have things to say and no one in particular to say them to.

I was up late last night watching Notting Hill. It wasn’t that the movie was keeping me up, I just couldn’t sleep. Oddly, this was the day my appetite came back, as well. Maybe I have given up sleep for food, as I have been sleeping well otherwise. I have now purchased some healthy food, including lettuce and pinto beans.

I’ve seen Notting Hill many times. I didn’t mind, for example, that I fell asleep before the ending because I know how it goes. There are some good lovey-dovey mushy lines in there. I also giggle to myself, thinking how this is Dad’s favorite movie. It is actually the opposite of this, but this is how things go. He calls it that movie with Dirtbag and Horseface. He then throws up his hands in despair and leaves the room. This is when it’s on at home, where Mum has a copy on VHS. I think she just likes it and Dad’s reaction is a bonus.

My day so far has included a little bit of tidying and cleaning the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub with a brush (a decent cleaning brush, not a toothbrush) and my gave my wussy arms a workout. I don’t think the whole thing needed a scrub, but I was concerned about invisible scum! Which might have built up since I moved in since I haven’t scrubbed it with a brush since I’ve been here.

Now I’m going to eat macachee and watch the Etruehollywoodstory of Michael Jackson. Didn’t I say I was going to stop this? What’s wrong with me? I do have some “TV Work” to do: finishing off the bag I started sewing a month or so ago, and also some ironing. First I shall consume macachee!

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