I just typo-ed an “o” into my name, making me “Loindsie”. A little better than MS spellcheck’s “Landsite”.

Vacation day whatever. I’ve lost count.

Yesterday Mum and I planned to get Subways to take with us to the theatre (instead of the delicious chicken sandwiches I had made the days previous). Mum decided that since we were downtown anyway, we should also go to a restaurant for lunch. This makes sence to her: since we are buying our dinner we night as well buy our lunch too. I miss a few steps of this logic but, you know, go along with it. We went to White Spot. This was a mild adventure as the parking lot of White Spot is being torn up in the proocess of the new London Drugs being built behind, but we managed to get in, and despite all the noice outside, was quiet inside the restaurant. (Little review there.)

The rest of yesterday was the same as the days before with rehearsal. Rehearsals are always the same. My job is to get the groups of dancers upstairs and in the wings before their dance starts. And keeping anyone who is not meant to dance yet downstairs. Also keeping non-dancers who just want to watch downstairs. Most of the school knows these latter things already, and for the most part I just ignore the two or three who sneak up now just because the show usually survives with them there. Mum usually is around anyway and she shoos them all away, or in some cases tells them to sneak better when they come up to the stage.

Also normal is the dance teachers getting antsy about where their groups are. They’re probably antsy about other things too, being recital week, but I can usually tell them where their groups are (usually the group in question is in the process of being gathered downstairs, getting ready to come up when it’s time.)

I watched my old jazz/hip hop class on stage. I have the song from their dance stuck in my head. I also saw my old tap class, but I could only recognize a few of them as their costume included a mask. So they were all saying “Hi! How are you? What’s up?” so while I could guess why they sounded like they knew me, I didn’t know who it was.

Today is extra rehearsal day for those groups who need extra practice, or in the case of my former ballet class, some time to get comfortable on stage. (By that I mean that they looked pretty good but just need to stop looking terrified;) I’m going to go for some of the time but then I’m going to meet Amber and wander off with her for untold adventure.

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