Vacation day four. And three for that matter.

Yesterday I woke up and leapt out of bed singing a new song that went something like

It’s tea time!
And I don’t mean golf!
I mean tea!

Yes. It seems that I live in a musical. I would be lying if I told you that it didn’t include forest creatures like little birds and mice a la Disney’s Cinderella. Anyway. I proceed to have tea.

Vacation day three included making sandwiches. I made up a recipe that pretty much involved just adding more stuff to chicken salad until I thought that my mum would like it. The ingredients included celery, parsley, Miracle Whip, and pickles. Anyway, she liked the sandwich this produced. I, however, thought it had too much taste.

Vacation day four also found me making sandwiches, only this time with no celery as I used it up.

Both today and yesterday have been rehearsal days so I have spent a lot of time backstage, and running around, and running up and down stairs. Nothing different from usual. Only I forgot how long rehearsals take, having shown up last year only for a couple of the shows.

I have found some Veggie Chips that I’m going to consume while reading my book.

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