I met with Amber this evening and she has updated me with all her news; I have updated her with mine; and then we laughed. Not because our news was silly but just that’s what we do when we are around one another.

At home again my mum force – fed me cider which I guess has resulted in not very good writing. We watched “so you thinky dance”.

Mum and Dad got me, in the course of their garage sale-ing before I got here (not when we were garage sale-ing last weekend) two bags full of old yarns. One of these bags was mostly yarns in a tangle. I spent my morning untangling this bag of yarns into mostly small but orderly little balls of yarn. It wasn’t sticky like some yarns are, so that’s good. Now I have lots of little quantities of many various strings for crafting with or just looking at. Or whatever I may find a use for string for. Yes.

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