My parents are in town this weekend. This, as always, indicates grocery shopping and wine. Good times.

It’s a busy weekend. Last night I went to a ballet with a work chum, and tomorrow will be hanging with mum and dad some more. Nothing is planned for next weekend, though.

I have two writing projects on the go: one is the next Tiny String, amazingly about a month after the last episode, the other is a longer work I’m pecking at occasionally (since there is some activity going on it, I will consider it “on the go” even if it’s just a little bit here and there.)

I am also 1/3 into the last season of West Wing. This project has been more time consuming and grueling that originally planned… OK no, I’ve just been lazy and only want to watch TV! Next I’m going to re-watch Hana Yori Dango seasons one and two, followed by the movie, which I haven’t watched yet. It’s nearing spring time, which makes me think of cherry blossoms… which makes me think of HYD of course. Of Course!

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