I’ve been watching The West Wing constantly lately and I have come up with the following conclusions:  I didn’t watch most of season 5, and after season 3 I didn’t download them all like I did with the prior seasons to marathon-watch.  I think I’ve watched season 6 before, because lots of it seems familier, but it just must have been on TV.  I’m keeping all seasons now, because I clearly remember deleting episodes at one point, thinking, “I won’t watch these again, and if I want to I’ll just download them.”  But I don’t have this attitude now, having watched the first two seasons with ease, having them saved to disks.  Also, I’ve realized that DVD disks save a crapload more stuff that CDs do.  (I know this won’t be revolutionary thinking to anyone else, but I don’t think about these things very much.)

Life has been work and West Wing lately.  Also warm blankets.  Also:  macaroni and cheese tastes good paired with white wine.

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