Last week one of my fuses blew.  Or stopped working, or whatever it is that fuses do– and then my kettle stopped boiling, my microvave clock turned off and the fridge stopped being on.  Mildly perplexing.  I switched a couple of the other fuses around in trying to discover which connected to what, which is a little scary for me as they involve electricity and electricity could lead to fire.  Anyway in my quest I found that one of my fuses is conneced to to single outlet (the one above my dresser) and so I moved that fuse into the spot of the one that had gone out so my food wouldn’t rot.  Felt: clever and like a hero.  Then I had the issue of having to replace the old fuse (which looked as though it had been manufactured in about 1965).  After extensive foot research (going to Wal-Mart and Zellers– I don’t know where fuses are sold) and then some internet searches, I found the kind I need at Home Hardware, who are, the friendly people there told me, the only ones to stock the kind of fuse I need.  Also:  the only place I went to where anyone noticed me or asked if I needed help.  Being sassy and having my example fuse with me, I had found the appropriate section and matched up what I needed before they could find me, but two people came and asked if I needed help:  the first gentleman laughing when I said “I found it already!” and the second guy informing me of the disparity of S-15 fueses in alternate retail outlets.

All the electricity in my apartment works now.

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