I had a dream last night that a figure skater was dancing up on the arena boards and then fell down and injured himself.  Or herself?  I think it was Susan.

I restocked my naturopathic supplements yesterday.  Just to say:  I do not like the term “supplements” very much.  They are “pills”.  When I arrive at the naturopath and demand “More Pills!” however, I feel a bit creepy.

Tiny String 17 is not only written but has made it into it’s first paper form:  that where I cut and paste the words onto the mock-up (with pictures, etc) before scanning into my computer.  I like this part the best.  It’s too bad I actually have to write something before I get to it (that’s not actually true, i could make books all day long with little to no content, it’s just a rule I have.)  Being at this stage inspires me to write more things, so that’s good.  My other favorite part of the process is deciding what colour paper to print the final product on, and figuring out how to produce the cover.  I haven’t gotten to this stage yet.

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