There is no one here but me which means lots of quiet time for thinking and writing, correct?

No! It means driving downtown to cash a cheque and visiting Naomi at the store for a while (bookstore… close) and then getting movies! Then bringing movies home and eating and watching movies and eating and then wandering around and then driving downtown to go to wal-mart for moisturizer and then coming home and eating and then watching movies.

At five o’clock *promptly* Sid the Cat came and mewed at me because five o’clock (*promptly*) is kitty suppertime. Now they’re outside even though I told them both that I was free for cuddling. They’ll want in now that I’m busy doing something.

I didn’t obsess about my trip at all today except to think about getting some toonies and getting my extra pair of goggles tuned up for back-up.

P.s. It seems that in my head I have replaced the word “Glasses” meaning “spectacles” with the word “goggles.”

P.p.S. I think I had cereal for supper. I go seriously punk when I have to fend for myself.

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