I thought to myself: “I wonder if Sense and Sensibility is on TV” and indeed it is complete with ads for the new Jane Austen movie which looks as though it stretches the truth just a tad but which I will watch for sure. It’s playing in select cities: I wonder if I will be in one of these cities in the near future?

I’m going to have pizza with chicken upon it for supper because Mum brought home a menu for somewhere “Blackberry” and there is a spicy chicken pizza on it which I couldn’t have at a restaurant, of course, but which I can make at home to my own taste. I don’t want it spicy. Or with corn as the menu suggests. Tomato and orange soy cheese. Other things as I see interesting.

Sense and Sensibility has like the whole cast of the latest Harry Potter movie in it although Snape is much better looking in S&S.

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