I now have pants. They are simply beautiful and just what I wanted.

Um. The pop on my fingers is now on my keyboard.

I’ve spent the last two days or however long and whenever I have a moment looking up transit routes in Ottawa and Toronto. I’m going slightly obsessive with it, but on the other hand, I know where I have to go in those two cities. I’m looking forward to Toronto more for unknown reasons. I’m excited to wander around and see what there is to see. And of course there’s St. John’s to look forward to as well! But that will be after.

I have to pack on Monday because I’m busy on Tuesday with work and then of course it’s Wednesday that I leave. But I have all weekend to do my laundry and rest and drink cider. (I don’t know about that last one; Mum just got her boxes of cider and they call out in the night “drink me! drink me!!”)

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