I bought pants today. And had lunch with Susan (not in that order!) The pants are super and just what I wanted. I had a choice of these and another pair, but since I liked them equally, I decided on the cheaper ones. They are brown, and, I found out when I brought them home and looked at the label, linen. I like linen. I must have been shopping with my unconscious mind. Or shopping while unconscious since Susan got me drunk. She’s so bad. We then got a tattoo of a butterfly. Half each. When we stand next to each other it makes a whole butterfly.

I keep sleeping too much I think, and then be sleepy all day? Or something like that. Maybe I’ve simply come down with a case of Lazy-itis. But, oooh! vanilla Earl Grey tea is very yummy.

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  1. ah yes, pinky! it looks kind of peach on my monitor, but then it’s dying. La. We forgot to take a picture of out butterfly!

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