I’m having a jasmine tea summer. I’m drinking a lot of jasmine tea. Not all day, and not every day. More than usual though. I like jasmine tea because it smells of flowers and then tastes the same. Not like normal flowers where they smell real good but then when you go to eat them, Mum is like “Don’t eat my bouquet, Lindsie!”

Today I have jasmine tea with vanilla soy milk so it is extra fantasy.

It was really hot yesterday so after I got home from my massage in the morning I spent all afternoon watching the latest season of the American version of The Office. I didn’t like it when it started and there are 2 reasons for this:
1) I had just watched the Original version and made comparisons.
2) Steve Carell is creepy.

Now I like it because Pam the receptionist was doodling in a sketchbook on her receptionists desk *Just Like I Do*. Also, I need something to watch that I haven’t been watching for all of this past television year because everything else is over and/or in reruns now.

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