I talked to the people at the National student loan place and they were all very nice. So far, anyway. Probably because I have yet to default on anything yet. I get to do some more paperwork so maybe I can get interest relief? That would be “OK” because then instead of paying for interest, I can just pay off the bulk of the thing, right? Talking about student loans is awfully boring. I won’t do it again.


I’m going to have tofu and something for lunch, like, right now. Is there such thing as too much tofu?

“Tofu” is pronounced with the emphasis on the “To” not on the “Fu”. Where I live, anyway. In a book I read once there was a restaurant called “Tofu or not Tofu”. It took me a while to understand what it meant. I still have the book. Whenever I look at it I think of my friend Kelley who was in the same class where I read it. She liked it better than I.

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