There is something wrong with my left ear. It’s molting or something.

Yesterday was a total hard work day at work. Had to do stuff. Not the lamest of times but I’d rather do nothing, you know?

I have a song in my head:

Friendly neighbourhood underpants!

It’s sort of like another song.

I was totally bummed out the other day because I didn’t have any lavender printer paper! The little thing that make me happy can also make me sad. I’m over that now, even though it would be nice to have lavender printer paper.

I recently got addicted to YouTube. It was for, like, half an hour. It started because I wanted to watch Hugh Laurie’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes and then spread to watching everything of Hugh Laurie I could find. Then I got bored of Hugh Laurie. He’s not actually very funny.*

*I lied there.

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