Today’s Advice.

If you’re walking downstairs in the dark, look out for the trampoline.

I feel like drawing, with, like, actual paper and pen. Maybe pencil too. Something that will make my hands smudgy in the end. I’ve been solving all my problems with the mouse and keyboard lately. It’s so shiny and superficial, which is good for somethings, but not good for others. For example, getting smudgy hands.

I had smudgy hands at work after using a red pen. You know those fine tipped felty ones? Just regular writing pens, not “felts” just with a tiny felt tip. Anyway. I got smudges on my fingers and I thought I had numerous papercuts that didn’t hurt and the blood wouldn’t rub away. I like using the red, felty-tipped pen at work. I used a ruler to draw straight lines under words that needed attention. Most pleasing.

Later, I’ve decided, I shall have butterscotch ripple soy-based ice cream and applesause. In my imagination it tastes good.

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