Job-Search Poetry

I had a job interview today.
It was with United Way.
If I get it, I’ll say “Hooray!”
But if not, I will play.
(But not with clay).

Library Adventures
My library book was due today. However, since I have not finished it yet, I have kept it in my possession. An element I have neglected to mention is that the book has been requested by a number of people after me so I cannot renew it.

The book is called “The Confusion” by Neal Stephenson. I like it lots, but not as much as the first time I read it. Still lots though. I should be done tomorrow, so the next person on the list won’t have to wait too much longer.

Ahh, the power.

I wonder if the VIRL system will let me request the next book in the series with a renewy book on my account…

The answer is: they haven’t noticed that I haven’t returned this book yet, so I have thus requested the next book. I am number three on the request list. (Actually there is a copy sitting in the Cowichan Library. I could have gone and picked it up today. I Am A Chump!)

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