Kitty just came in all spooked. I heard some yowling before. Now I pet kitty in comfort. Only there’s two kitties and I’m not sure that this is the same kitty I saw all spooked before. This could be the perpetrator of the yowling! Curses!

I finished my very first zine yesterday. The first thing I have called “zine” anyway. I usually call them “little books”. Come to think, that’s what I continue to call it in my head and out loud. So.

I have finished a little book entitled “Little String”. It took a whole day longer than expected because the printer said something like “function malf” or something. I don’t remember the exact words on the little screen. I stuck my fingers in to the top after flipping up the flippy thing and rattled the toner thing around until the printer was fixed. Then I sighed in a contented fashion and gave the printer a hug. I love this printer when it isn’t broken. When it is broken I become vexed and unruly.

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