12 Things I Have Thought About Lately.

On my web page there is now a link to a page about my trip to San Fran last year. It’s groovy.

My web page is here.

The San Fran Stuff is here.

2 thoughts on “12 Things I Have Thought About Lately.

  1. I got Tiny String yesterday.
    I nearly cried! It was so nostalgic and happy and GREAT 🙂 I love your writing sooo much. I also found it interesting how you see me 🙂 You out of anyone seem to know me quite well, even though we spend dear amounts of time together. For instance, the dinner date story was something that actually happened to me, and actually it was yesterday, except for the part where I met with someone. I ended up eating alone. haha 😀
    and I do have a pea-green pea-coat 😉
    and I sold my car.
    and it was “Coraline”.
    and I’m your biggest fan! Would it be alright if I could have maybe a subscription to Tiny String Th’Zine?

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