I’m at the Royal Opera House in London.

I have a ticket to watch a performance at the Royal Opera House in London.

A few weeks ago, the Royal Opera House in London emailed me to ask if I want to eat at one of their dining establishments before the show. No, I thought, that’s not something I do. Mostly because of the whole dairy allergy thing. But then I noticed that all of their menus are posted on line, of course, so I took a look, just in case. So it also turns out that there are many vegan or dairy-free options available (of course). So I changed my mind.

First I had to decide on what establishment I wanted to patronize. There’s, like, 6, ranging from super casual, to super fancy. I made my decision based purely on… one fancy place had a set, three course menu that looked like too much food, and the other fancy place I could order whatever I wanted. It’s also in a super fine cavern upstairs at the opera house.

My view from my table. Can you see me?

So I made my reservation, and the Royal Opera House in London emailed back immediately asking me to pre-order my meal which delights me to no end. A) I don’t have to decide what I want to eat on the day, when I might be hangry. B) I can’t remember what I paid.

My personalized menu.

So I’m here right now! Here is my first plate (which is a starter but I’m treating as a main)

Steak tartar and rocket. So protein.

And here is my first dessert, which I’m treating as my first dessert…

Can you name all the fruits, Kimberly?

That’s all that’s happened so far. I’ve eaten all of the above and I have time to go buy trinkets in the gift shop. I’ll be back at the interval, to the same table, and I’m even allowed to leave my jacket here.

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