… Tuesday in London

A quick update while I’m waiting for a show to start. Look at this nice venue and my leg room:

I can’t see the stage yet, but the curtain is huge.

I’m I Wembley! Where there’s a big stadium but I’m not there! I saw it thought, looming, with the moon shining above. I’m at a nearby theatre watching a contemporary dance performance based on the TV Peaky Blinders. Because that’s a thing.

I took the train from France this morning, which was relatively quick and easy. Gate du Nord in Paris was only two metro stops away from my hotel but I was nervous about Tuesday morning crowds. But, fun fact, Nov 1 is a holiday in Paris for day of the dead, so the crowd was small. The crowd getting on the train was big, but I didn’t care by then. The ride was pleasant and I listened to tunes and daydreamed.

Gare du Nord.

Immediately upon arrival in London (and after checking into my hotel, which is blissfully close to King’s Cross/St Pancras) I went for lunch and started planning. My original plan was to go to The Bank of England, that tourist hub, to exchange some old pound notes for new ones (it’s a thing here where they just discontinued a bunch of old notes in favour of new, secure, ones.) BUT, they are apparently having crowds there, so I didn’t want to show up only to have to go back again another day. So I’ll go in a few days, first thing, to either avoid a crowd, or to be in the queue that gets served that day.

It was while I ate that I found this show to go to, and here I now am.

P.S. I’ve also been to M&S to get all my favourite snacks.

Flashback: My hotel room in Paris.

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