COVID-19 Journal #Entry11

My chest/ribs area hurt today so I thought I had a lung infection or something dire. As the hours went on, however, the pain developed and now I’m pretty sure I’ve strained my muscles doing a new Pilates exercise.


I texted with chums today. Susan and Amber, and also Mum. We are all dealing. Back in the regular times if I wanted to text someone I’d be all worried that my chosen recipient might be busy and I wouldn’t want to disturb them. And oh and fret. Not so lately. And we all commiserate.

List of things to do tomorrow:

  • Go to work
  • Do not go shopping at breaks or lunch
  • Come home, without stopping for groceries on the way
  • Phone Mum at 7pm because it will be Wednesday
“No One Is More Careful”
Ballpoint pen and clear cello-tape on paper
By Lindsie circa 2007

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