COVID-19 Journal *Entry 10*

I stayed in bed until three today. Mostly. I got up around 10 and had some food, but by the time The Queen came on I was back. After that, I just rested for a while with my eyes closed. Not napping, just thinking of things. Story ideas. Imaginary settings and happenings. Not obsessing or panicking or being paranoid or anything (as I made sure to emphases to Mum during our Sunday evening phone call. Just relaxing and being fine. It was a nice afternoon.

I have a really cozy bed. Oh, actually, just as I was about to get up at three, Jennifer Ehle started reading her daily chapter(s) from Pride and Prejudice on Instagram, so I stayed and listened to that for a bit, and then took her out into the kitchen so I could continue to listen as I did dishes. It’s nice to have something familiar (REALLY familiar) to listen to everyday. P&P is not stressful, and the parts that might be a little stressful (an elopement! merciful heavens!) I know they are approaching and how they are resolved. I also enjoyed watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Coat (I know all the words) for the same reason. I anticipate a binge of some Marvel movies soon, and probably more Jane Austen. My comfort things.

There’s still parsley growing in the pot on my balcony! I used some (but not all) for my parsley rice at luppertime today. Mmm. Parsley makes me happy. Also: paisley.

Look I’ve reached 10 entries of COVID-musings. How long will it go? Will I run out of punctuations for the titles? Stay tuned.

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