November 4 – Yangshuo

Today started at 5am when the train conductor knocked on the door of our compartment to collect our tickets. We then had to start getting ready to get off the train. Half an hour later (or sooner) we were all standing on the platform, almost awake, with our suitcases.

I slept not too bad, considering. We had a pretty early night last night, too, because there was nothing else to do.

Once off the train, it was 2.5 hours to Yangshuo, which is a small city close to lots of rural activities. We were lucky enough to check in early to our hotel, and took a couple hours to shower and nap and sort out wifi. Then lunch. Then we climbed 482 steps up a mountain to take photos of the area.

Then a visit to a tea farm.

More things tomorrow. We’re in Yangshuo for two more days. Lots to explore.

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