I’ve camped out in room 14 at the National Gallery. There wasn’t enough time to go back to the Air BnB before I’d have to leave again to come back to this area for the show tonight. I’m going to see the musical 42nd Street, and the theatre is just up the Strand from where I am now. I thought I’d wait here at the gallery where it’s warm and there’s free WiFi. There is also bench seating in whatever kind of lighting I might enjoy (since the different galleries have different lighting requirements based on what painting are in them).

I’m a big fan of Jesus and Mary paintings. Not because of their subject so much, but because they are colourful and huge and are a pleasure to look at. Here is what I’m sitting in front of right now:

Mary is always (usually) in a blue dress and that pleases me.

One of my very favourite things to do is wander around an art gallery, or a museum, so these past couple of days have been nice. Back to Victoria tomorrow, and I’m excited to go back.

P.S. I had to move a minute ago because there was no Wifi where I was sitting, but I found a gallery with a couch, so here I am now:

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  1. Finally caught up with reading your blog. You have been to so many terrific places! How great it must be when you hear or see something that jogs these travelling memories and you think “I’ve been there/I know that place”.

    Love, Auntie Dorothy

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