Busy 2 days.

Yesterday was the train from York to London. It was a lovely ride. Then we had to lug our suitcases on the underground, which was an ordeal, as I hate lugging my suitcase anywhere, but the trains weren’t busy, and it wasn’t far to go, so it was fine.

Then since it’s London, we sort of just set our bags in our room, got changed and then went out and about: dinner in Covent Gardens and then the West End production of An American in Paris.

There was also a rather lovely walk around with me trying to find Covent Gardens, and getting us lost, or at least, not quite where we planned to be. I love London! There’s so much to see! Susan took over navigation after supper to ensure that we got to the theatre on time for the show.

That was our first day (half-day, really).

The our second day (today) started with me at the Tate Modern and Susan at the British Museum. Once I had my fill of modern art, I met Susan for lunch, and then back to the British Museum because Susan had more to see and I wanted to poke around, too.

Then tonight was a ballet show at Sadler’s Wells, which is a dance organization in London, and they had a show on, so I thought we better go see it. This is what we watched

No we are done for the day. One more day in London tomorrow, and then flying home Saturday.

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