This is why it’s been so warm here in York. But now the wind is howling as I expected it to in the north of England.

Today was the Yorkshire Museum, where there was another viking exhibition going on. I’m learning a lot about vikings here. York was the largest viking settlement in England, and people keep discovering more old goods to put in museum displays.

We also went to Barley Hall, a reconstructed medieval townhouse. It contained mostly info on Henry VIII and the time he visited York. There were some costumes from the Wolf Hall TV show there as well, along with all the stuff one might find in a medieval home… like a writing desk:

Not much else today because we’re tired.


We’ve been buying a few groceries for breakfasts and snacks so we don’t have to eat out at every meal (which is expensive anyway, but really expensive here). I think the food section at Marks and Spencer is my favourite. They have dairy free yogurt, and I had some tea buns, and also a packaged salad that was pretty good.

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