There’s maybe three hours to go on the flight. I’ve slept two-ish hours, which isn’t bad for me but I’d like more. I’m going to be walking around like it’s the middle of the night once we land, which of course it will be for my body. It will be around noon in London, though. So that’s gross.

My movie thing on the plane doesn’t work. I thought this bothered me, but it turns out I don’t care and am more keen to sleep. Also, I have about 30 hours of podcasts on my phone to keep me entertained if needed.

Review of the lacto-ovo vegetarian meal (that means there’s no dairy):

The main dish was pasta, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes with a sprinkling of small white beans. It had no taste until I added salt, at which point it gained a mild, salty flavour. I didn’t eat the salad because it was corn and beans, but I was full. I’m saving the dinner roll and dairy-free carrot loaf for later. Wisely, Susan and I ate a hearty lupper of hamburgers at the airport. The fries accompanying that were melt-in-your mouth perfection.

Now I try to sleep again

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