Today Christina and I did a day trip to Cordoba. We saw the Mequita (beautiful), the Roman bridge (beautiful), had lunch at Taverna Las Salina (beautiful and tasty) and wandered around a while (as we do).

It was rainy when we arrived, and cold, and we had not brought our umbrellas because we decided it wasn’t going to rain. But it wasn’t too long before the rain stopped and it got warm. As a result, after visiting the Mesquita in the miserable morning, when it was cold cold cold, we went back to give it a second chance in the glorious afternoon. It was still cold, but less cold when coming in from the sunny warm. (It’s probably a good place to visit in the summer. After a chat with our taxi driver, Christina found out that it can get up to 45 degrees C.) We also had a change to climb the bell tower to take pictures of the sunny afternoon view.


I’m on the train now, going back to Jerez. We took the express train this morning, so it was and hour and 50 minutes to Cordoba. This was delightful. The train back is not express, and not only does it take about *infinity*, it is dark out so there is nothing to look at.

(It actually takes an hour longer. I used hyperbole for effect there.)

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