I’m feeling much better today.

Right now just outside, there is a church function or gathering going on. Many many people mingling and chatting. Families and groups of teenagers. I saw the children’s choir again, too – they were flocking from the church. I don’t know if there is a service going on. There were big crowds of people walking around on my way home, too – big crowds relative to tiny streets, anyway. It was sometimes hard to get past them. I was moving in the opposite direction. It might be like what we saw on Sunday a couple of weeks ago, where everyone was kissing a saint (Christina and Emma saw this on Sunday, as well, at the big cathedral: everyone lined up to kiss Mary’s forefinger). This would account for the flow of people.

I started feeling better today at noon. Nice timing since class was at one. Class wasn’t as miserable today as it has been the past two days because today I had more energy and my nose wasn’t running the whole time! I was doing fine (energy-wise at least) until the very last run through of the choreo when I forgot everything: the footwork, what comes next, not even recognizing what everyone else was doing.  I guess my brain was ready for a nap Right Now. I don’t mind because the rest of the class was fine. I mean, I wasn’t as my most graceful because we did a lot of turns and I got dizzy, and some of the footwork is too fast, but other that that I had fun.

After that, because I restricted myself to the apartment yesterday, I went out and about shopping and looking at stuff. It was sunny and warm until the sun went down, when it got chilly.

Tomorrow is the last day of the flamenco festival and my last class. I am sad/relieved. I like it here, but I also want to go home. Just a few more days.

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