As much as I wanted the magical powers of the waters of the Hammam to *zap* me back to health, I still have a cold today. Boo.

Dance class when sick is not a good idea and I do not recommend it. That being said I went to dance class today and it was a matter of suffering through. My eyes wanted to close the whole time, and my footwork was pretty shallow (not very stompy) because I didn’t feel like lifting my feet very high. BUT we’re learning a very pretty piece, and despite (or because of?) the weak footwork, I started to get some things that I wasn’t getting before.

After class, Christina and I stopped for some Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice and it was pulpy heaven in a little cup. It’s so orange it looks fake, and I had to chew some of the pulp.

Then reading time – I’m almost halfway through the thick book I brought. Then nap time.

Then some feeling sorry for myself time for being sick on my holiday in Spain. Followed close by some appreciation for having found a nice apartment to stay in and I should be trying to get my money’s worth anyway. Also appreciation for having a lovely sunny room. Also, attempted appreciation for having the time to lie around and do nothing for a day, when really I want to be out exploring Jerez some more. It’s ok: I’ve explored quite a bit.

Then a chat with Emma regarding life, etc.  And now Emma’s making her dinner and practicing flamenco singing.

Note: you can’t escape flamenco in the south of Spain. It follows you everywhere. There’s music playing at restaurants, and random bouts of bulerias (party dance) when the bars close. I heard palmas (clapping) in the street the other day and found a group of boys just doing contra tiempo as they walked.

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