I had a glass of wine today after class and then I had a nap.

Before this, in the morning, I visited the big Jerez cathedral, which is a five minute walk from our apartment. I was the first visitor of the day – I wanted in as soon as I could so I would be sure to have enough time to look around and get home for lunch before my 1pm class.

Walking around the huge church all alone was a little creepy, but also a nice way to experience it. Quiet, except for the recorded church music at a medium volume. After the main churchy part, with the seats in the centre and altars along the sides, there were rooms of treasures. I know they were treasures because there were signs with arrows labelled “treasures”. Treasures are shiney. There were also rooms with paintings and sculptures- church-themed art gallery. I like the sculptures: some of them have arms chopped off so I could see that they are made of wood. Also, they are old and pretty. My favorite, or at least on that caught my eye, was one of Mary (I think) with her head drapery flying out dramatically, like she’s caught in a breeze or God’s rapture or something.

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