I’ve been having at least wine every day I’ve been here, if not two glasses, then one glass, and maybe a sherry instead (or, too). Yesterday was a sherry when I ran into Andrea in Plaza Plateros, immediately followed by the end of a bottle of tinto when I got home. Fun fun. But today in class I was a little dizzier than I should have been, so I’m taking the day off of wine and sherry today. I mean, we did learn a new turn, and had to repeat it, and I’m usually dizzy anyway, but.. let’s see if this helps? I’m not usually a glass-of-wine-a-day drinker so my body could be putting up a mild protest (i.e “WHAT THE EFF RED ALERT TOXIC”)

It’s time to get ready to go to a show. Tonight is Mercedes Ruiz, who taught me last week.

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