The only evidence I have that is indeed Thursday is the label written on my vitamin pills container, so I may be off.

Thursday means a break to the regular routine. I had class as usual this morning, but the show at the theatre tonight is not included in the pass, so we get the evening off. We have a plan to eat dinner at the regular time of 8:30-9:00 pm. Regular in Spain, anyway. (If you are wondering, I will probably have to have a snack or small second lunch before this.)

I enjoyed th show last night, and only partly because one of the dancers, Leonar Leal, has a short hair cut. There were a few parts where the dancers were doing flamenco with no shoes. My first thought was “Ya! No Shoes!;” my second thought was that I hope the dancers are careful because I’ve practiced flamenco with no shoes and my ankles started to hurt after a while. Most of the piece with no shoes was modern-ish movement, and not so much stomping, so they are probably fine. Hopefully you can see portions of the show by clicking this sentence.

(I critiqued myself yesterday for being vague and general when writing about the shows I’ve seen already. I’ll do better. I could go back and fix yesterday’s entry and add links and names and things, but I probably won’t).

Sunny and warm today. Me and Rachel and Baby went out for lunch and sat in the sun and I had to take my jacket off… And then drape my scarf over my head so my ears didn’t burn. Mmmm: little bits of salmon and bacon roasted on a stick with dates and olive oil. And vino tinto.

Tomorrow is the last day of class for the first week of the festival. Hopefully the dance will be finished – we haven’t gotten there yet. I’m not worried because what we’ve done already is fun and I like to dance it. (Goal for class tomorrow: try to move fan around in choreography like a flamenco dancer and not like a robot-clown).

Some notes about my class this week:
1)My teacher this week, Mercedes Ruiz, is doing a show next week and I get to watch it.
2)We do a good substantial warm-up every morning. The favorite exercise includes stretching our arms out to the side and holding them there. Then we flex our hands up, lower them down into fists and roll them back up again. Both hands go at the same time. Ten times repeated, then a little break where we shake out our wrists and groan, then ten time more.
3) Some of my classmates are really good: they inadvertently help me learn footwork and timing. Thank you, Good Classmates.

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