Hanging Out with Baby
One of my roomies this week is a baby. I can classify him as a roomie as I don’t have too much to do with him, as he is constantly in the care of either his mom or dad (Rachel and Adam). Other than the occasional squawk in the middle of the night he isn’t bad as far as roommates go. Of course, he has two well-trained caretakers cleaning up after him.

Yesterday I learned that the noise that he makes during nap time* that sounds like flamenco singing indicates that he’s about to go to sleep. Good to know!

*Coincidentally, his afternoon nap time very often coincides with my nap time.

Flamenco Shows
Our tuition for classes in the festival includes a pass for many of the nine-o’clock flamenco shows. These are almost nightly shows, and range from super traditional flamenco dance (polka-dotted costumes, shawls, and castanets) to super contemporary offerings (which still may include castanets, but play with the flamenco form just like contemporary ballet plays with traditional ballet). Both forms are good to watch to get a sense of what’s possible in flamenco. Of course, not everyone likes everything. I’ve seen five shows so far. Two were traditional, and three more modern. I like the modern works best, but traditional works are good education, and can be amazing. Several times, for both types, I have sat up in my seat, eyes wide wide I don’t miss anything, saying “wow.” Or “whoa.” Or, “ole,” which I should use more often, since I am in Spain.

Tonight there will be a flamenco dancer with short hair (at least she had short hair the last time I checked). So I am keen to see her.

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