First Day of Class.. And a rant about food.

I only have one class a day and that’s pretty much my schedule for the two weeks of the festival. This week, I have class at 10 every morning, and next week class will be at 1pm. I anticipate the remainder of this week progressing as it has today: class, lunch, then nap. There’s shows to watch (almost) every night as well, so that’s what the naps are for. Also: I like naps.

The class I’m in isn’t too hard – but we’ve only learned feet, no arms yet. Part of the course includes using fans, but we didn’t start that today, which is good since I completely forgot to take mine. I was all set too, bringing my big ones from home and buying a smaller one here just in case (I haven’t done fan before so wasn’t sure what might work best: for example, I may inadvertently whack classmates with a big fan on the end of my freaky-long arm). Luckily someone in the change room both spoke English and had an extra fan for me to borrow – not that it mattered in the end since we didn’t get to use them today.

I just went for a walk and bought a cork screw. I got home and I think everyone is napping. It’s very quiet. I have four roommates now: Christina who I came with along with Rachel who we last visited with during our 2012 Spain trip, her husband Adam and their baby boy. The last three arrived yesterday with tales of living in Berlin.

I’m still trying to figure out the eating situation in Spain. While I was out walking just now (around 4pm) there were crowds at restaurants just finishing up lunch (I think) with wine. When it’s time that the Canadians want supper (5-7pm) people here are eating a snack (fries or a pastry) and having coffee and full meals aren’t really being served. Evening meal food starts at 8pm or later, which doesn’t work when we have tickets for shows at 9pm. On a temporary basis I am eating fruit all the time as we have all bought a lot. And then also wine and tapas last night before the show, even though everyone else was having coffee… I don’t drink coffee at night so I won’t be able to try that routine.

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