Introduction To Jerez
Part 1: Sleep
I did not sleep well last night. I tried to tell my body and my brain that it was night time and therefore sleepy-time, but body and brain would have none of it.

“What do you mean it’s night time? Obviously it is day,” brain said, ready for activity.

“No. It’s night. There is no light. Go to sleep,” I insisted.

“Let’s go for a walk!” body suggested.

“No,” I repeated. “It’s sleepy time.”

“I’m not tired! Are you tired?” asked brain.

“No way!” body answered. “Let’s have a snack!”

“Gurgle,” said tummy.”

“All of you shut up and go to sleep,” I said.

And it went on for hours.

Part 2: Actual Details
We landed in Jerez at about 10:30 last night, which was Wednesday (I record this here less for my readers than for me, as I’m having trouble keeping track.) We took a taxi to our hotel and immediatly-ish went to bed. (See above for results of that.) I think I slept for about 3 or four hours, until 8:30, which isn’t bad for me when it comes to the first night sleeping in a new time zone.

We stayed at the hotel for one night since we weren’t booked at the apartment until today. This worked out well for the following two reasons: 1) the agent in charge of introducing us to the place didn’t want to meet us so late and 2) there were beds and general settling in to do that went better this morning after a half sleep rather than after a big travel days. Also, the hotel came with breakfast, which I like (both the general concept of breakfast and when hotels serve it as part of a night’s stay.)

The apartment is quite fine. There is enough space, or so I anticipate, for all of us who are going to be here. More arrive tomorrow (which is Friday).

The floors are cold, so we have purchased some slippers.

There was no wine opener supplied.

Part Three: Wandering around Jerez
We spent the bulk of the day trying to keep ourselves awake to overcome the jet lag by wandering around Jerez. We had tapas and got groceries (I love getting groceries, especially in the Mercadona store I went to a lot in 2012). There was absolutley nothing supplied food-wise with this apartment (which you expect, but I thought there might be at least reidual condiments) so we had to buy things like salt and olive oil, which is fun because we’re in Spain.

We also wandered around semi-lost for a while looking for a splendid church. I know it is splendid because we found it after giving up. And only semi-lost because we’ve totally been to Jerez before.

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